5 Steps To Choosing The Right Front Door

February 17, 2020

choosing the right front door

When it comes to replacing your front door, there are many factors to consider. Not only will you be enhancing the look of your property, but you also have the chance to improve the security, thermal efficiency and accessibility of your home.

Deciding on which front door to have installed isn’t always easy as there are lots of factors to consider. The first and potentially most important is which material your new door will be manufactured using. Our suppliers, Emplas use only the highest-quality materials to manufacture our uPVC and Composite Doors.

Composite doors offer a remarkably authentic-looking wooden finish and an impressively strong structure. This is achieved using a combination of different materials which are pressed and glued together under high-pressure conditions. The other popular choice for replacing your front door is to opt for a uPVC profile. In comparison to other materials like timber and aluminium, uPVC is generally lower in cost and offers some great benefits including easy maintenance, durability and versatility.

1. Considering Your Budget

We understand that all of our customers have a different budget when it comes to buying a new front door. With this in mind, we want to remind those looking for a new front door that choosing the cheapest option probably won’t be the best option. At Jack of Glass, we believe that upgrading your front door should be seen as an investment.

uPVC is usually the lowest cost option when compared to other door materials as it is much cheaper to manufacture. Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, which is the full name of uPVC, is a type of plastic that’s tough and hasn’t had any additives inserted when manufactured. It’s the most popular choice of material for UK homeowners because of its low-price tag.

For customers that have a higher budget for their replacement door, composite doors are constructed using more sophisticated and costly materials. If you choose to make the extra investment in a composite front door, it could last for up to 35 years, compared to the maximum lifetime of 20 years for uPVC doors.

2. Which Style Suits Your Home

Letting your taste show in your style of front door can transform the entrance to your home. The functionality and design is important when choosing the right front door, uPVC doors are more limited due to being made from a singular material. Composite doors offer a much more versatile and flexible design with a whole host of colours, glazing options and finishes with an authentic timber look.

In terms of door furniture, there’s no difference – simply select the handle, letterbox and knocker which is best suited to your home and taste. You can also choose from a wide range of glass options for your new uPVC or Composite front door.

3. Securing Your Home

When you are choosing the right front door, security plays a very important part. By comparing Composite Doors and uPVC Doors security benefits,  it is clear that they each offer unique features that make them secure.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that UPVC doors are not secure just because they are cheaper. Their galvanised steel core and multi-point locks combine to create an extremely strong front door. Although uPVC front doors easily meet modern security standards, Composite doors will offer customers an extra level of protection. Depending on the level of security you feel that your home will need, you may be more inclined to choose one of our composite doors.choosing front door prices

4. Creating a Thermally Efficient Home

As well as weatherproofing your home against the harshest of elements, all uPVC entrance doors from Jack of Glass can provide high levels of insulation consistently. The enhanced insulation even allows for improved soundproofing, a particular benefit to those living alongside busy residential roads.

Our Composite doors are constructed to offer vastly enhanced door ratings because of the solid foam or compressed hardwood cores which have excellent thermal properties. The rebated frames installed during the manufacturing process and superior draught sealing all but eliminate draughts for your home.

5. Enjoy Maintenance and Longevity

When choosing your new front door, we understand that the level of maintenance required will play a big part in whether it will a suitable replacement. Homeowners often don’t want a door that will need to be re-painted or treated regularly. Opting for either a uPVC or Composite door will mean that minimum upkeep is necessary. Both of these materials are very resistant to the elements and require only a wipe with a damp cloth to keep them looking good as new.

As with every significant home improvement, choosing a new front door requires a lot of thought and consideration. The price will always play an important part in the final decision, but so should your personal preference.

While composite doors come at a higher price than uPVC, it’s worth bearing in mind the energy savings, reduced risk of burglary and customisation options might offset the price in the long-term. It’s also worth considering the effect higher quality front door may have on the price of your property should you decide to sell.

If one of our Composite front doors seems to be out of your budget, finance options are available with Jack of Glass, just get in touch for more information. Thankfully, no matter which material you choose, you won’t have to compromise on function over style – as both will transform and modernise the look of any home.

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K. Piowman-sale

Jack of Glass have done a wonderful job in putting a coloured glass worktop to my dressing table and installing a mirror. Has totally transformed my room. Unbelievable. Take a look at their showroom some really good ideas with glass, fantastic colours.

A. Hunt

Outstanding quality of service, and great at catering to bespoke requests. They are fantastic value for money, and a lovely bunch of boys to boot 🙂

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Great service at Wycombe Museum last Friday. The guys went above and beyond with their glass delivery service. This is the 3rd or 4th time i’ve used them.Just to let you know I shared it on High Wycombe facebook page too.

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Incredible transformation. Great service. Amazingly fast replacement of a very big window!! Everything cleared up and great value for money.

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Purchased 2 green house windows, got the size wrong, went back to get it cut to a smaller size FREE of charge and stayed after closing time until I arrived.

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I highly recommend Jack of Glass! Matt, Chris and their team deliver an outstanding service. I am extremely happy with the job that they did in our flat. It really exceeded all of my expectations and the room looks absolutely beautiful with the floor to ceiling mirrors.

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Great team and with great quality to detail on the finish of my glass splashbacks, also the bi-fold door works a treat for our dream house

Mr. Barlow

I recently needed to replace around ten or so panes of glass in my greenhouse . Very good service very nice guys ,cut and wrapped the glass while i waited and even made an alteration to a pane that i had measured wrongly .Thank you for the help and i will use again.

A. Lovell

We have recently had our front door and windows replaced by Jack of Glass. They were great. The communication was amazing, we knew every step of the way what was happening and they left place spotless. Our new door and windows have completely changed the house. Very happy and would recommend to anyone.

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Jack of glass have recently replaced all my windows efficiently and to a high standard. The price was also very reasonable. The customer service was outstanding along with the services they provide. Highly recommended.

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I had to replace a small double glazed panel in a window. I though it would be difficult to get anybody interested as it was such a small job. However, Jack of Glass did the work. They visited the house to take the measurements, ordered the replacement glass and fitted it all very efficiently and at a reasonable cost. I will use them again.

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